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Transparency and accountability! It's your money and you have the right to know how it's being spent.

Properties and communities can not operator or run effectively without having an understanding of their cash flow, which is why it's so important to know where the money is at all times. Each month individuals and communities receive monthly statements to help them know where their finances are so that accurate records, budgeted items are accounted for. The following items are just a few examples of what to expect....contact Mountain Resorts Management directly to customize an finical management plan for you and/or your community.

  • Assessment Billing
  • Electronic Owner Statements
  • Bank Deposits
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Monthly Budget Reporting
  • Billing of Late Notices
  • Billing of Community Fines
  • Annual & Quarterly Tax Reporting
  • Payroll
  • Audits
  • Reserve Account Management
  • Monthly Reconciliations
  • Annual Budget Preparation and Recommendations.
  • Special Assessment Management
  • Collections

Funds for each property and association are always kept separate in individual accounts to avoid any commingling to provide another level of security for money we have been entrusted to oversee and manage. Additional security measures are also in place so multiple names are required on all payments and so owners and board members are the only authorized individuals on reserve and saving accounts.

Mountain Resorts Management is bonded and insured so owners and communities can rest assured that their money is protected.


Communication is key to a strong and lasting relationship, which is why we listen as well as we lead.

  • LISTEN before responding
  • Attend Monthly HOA Meetings
  • Attend and present at Annual Meetings
  • Correspond with Owner
  • Provide Work Order Tracking
  • Newsletters
  • E-Blasts Communications
  • Website Creation & Content Management
  • Realtor & Appraisal Fact Sheets
  • Lender / Mortgage Questionnaires
  • Title Company Requests
  • New Owner Orientations
  • Meeting Preparation & Minutes
  • Community Compliance & Enforcement
  • Board & Owner Instructional Meetings
  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact

In todays fast paced society with information always available at our finger tips, it's still important to have human contact and know that there is someone who's looking out for your best interest. If we are not doing our jobs to best of our ability, we want to hear about it, so we can right any wrongs and make sure that your property ownership is enjoyable. 


Team players in helping to efficiently run and assist homeowners and associations to reach their potential.

  • Assist HOA Boards
  • Keep HOA Finical Records
  • Maintain HOA Owner Accounts
  • Provide Maintenance Reporting
  • New HOA Development Consulting
  • Communication Channels
  • Implement Maintenance Systems

If the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, then how does anything ever get done? We work for you and we'll help to make sure that there are proper systems, protocols and hierarchy in place so that work and communication is effective and personalized to everyone involved. It's important to know that your HOA management has your best interest, we're all on the same team and we all have the same goals in mind.


Remove the worry and stress of property ownership for individuals and communities by providing and keeping, accurate records.

  • Minutes
  • Financials
  • Bank Statements
  • Owner Accounts
  • Contract Work
  • Reserves
  • Insurance Claims

This is why you hire a management company in the first place because it's our job to run your business. Most owners and associations are run by great homeowners who dedicate their time and skills in helping to create a community that everyone should be proud of. We want you to be proud of us and the job that we do for you.


Customized to the needs of each community to provide full-time, part-time or contracted services so the job gets completed correctly.

  • On-Site Community Managers
  • Staffed Maintenance Employees for Full and Part Time Work
  • Reserve Study
  • Property & Community Inspections
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Supervise and Work With 3rd Party Contractors
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Regular Maintenance Schedules
  • Utility Readings
  • Pool & Spa Inspections by Licensed CPO's
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Enforcement of CC&R's
  • Security
  • Risk Management
  • Bids & Proposals
  • Electronic Work Order & Tracking Systems


Licensed agents and brokers with over 30+ years of experience in Utah's real estate industry, specialized in helping homeowners.

Providing the following Real Estate Services:

  • Buyers Agent for purchasing a new property
  • Sellers Agent for selling your property
  • Long Term Rentals
  • Short Term Rentals

If you're interested in finding or selling a home in Utah or within one of the communities which Mountain Resorts Management, manages. Contact us if you need guidance through the purchasing and selling process and our affiliated licensed Utah Realtors ® will be happy to assist you.

If you're needing a property manager to help oversee your short or long term rentals, Mountain Resorts Management can also help you with that directly or by providing you with accredited and reputable companies to assist you with your investment.

For additional information or to get in touch with one of our agents, visit the Real Estate Service page of this website.